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What Makes Us Green

At Thrive we pride ourselves on sustainability and these are the choices we make for the good of the environment every day:

  • Davines Products - Davines are a sustainable salon brand with a zero carbon footprint!

  • Davines Colour - Davines colour is salon professional but contains NO harmful PPD's!

  • Green Energy - We only use electricity in the salon and its all renewably sourced!

  • Low Energy  - All our appliances and lighting are low energy including our Dyson hairdryers!

  • Eco Heads  - Eco Heads are a shower head that saves 70% or water and Energy and we use them!

  • Green Salon Collective  - We team with the GSC to recycle our waste including all that hair we cut off!

  • Biodegradable Towels - Single use, biodegradable towels save all the energy from washing and drying towels!

  • Recyclable Materials - Where possible we use recyclable materials!

  • Paper Free - There's just no need for it now!

  • Plants - The Salon is full of plants to keep the air in the salon clean, and we love them for it!

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